Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fact or Myth...

So, we had to test it out for ourselves. Chris and I went to Cafe Trio and ate the so called "labor inducing pizza" to see if we really would be headed to the hospital afterwards to have the little guy. Well, turns out he remains inside of me along with stinky garlic breath and a bad stomach ache. Lol! So, it is a myth but wish it could have been a fact the the pizza really works.

I've been hanging in there with the extrememly swollen ankles and feet (and hands) but the sciatic nerve pain that started a few days ago really is a lot to handle. Little man, we love you so much and just want to see your cute little face. Please come out and play this weekend :).

Love Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Catch Up

So, we haven't posted any pictures or updates in a while. Been pretty busy. I know everyone is super excited to know what we've been up to, and how my belly is looking, so here are few quick updates, not in any particular order.

First of all, here's me and the baby boy at 38 weeks. I know...getting big!! Little guy is due next Friday - Dec 24th. So we'll see when he decides to come out. We can't wait to meet him!

Second of all, we bought our FIRST HOME! Closed and moved in on Oct 26th and have been loving every minute of it! It is in Salt Lake City, Holladay area.

This is our first big snow storm in our house - loved it. Squeezed into a pair of snow pants and jacket and Chris and I played around in the backyard for a bit.

Sunday after the storm.

The family came and stayed with us around Thanksgiving time. So fun to have them visit. We went and saw Sister Rathgeber on Temple Square. Love and miss her.

haha, uncle chris and baby Tucker :). He's a natural.

We missed you Douglas

Grandpa on baby duty.

Boys putting together baby Thompson's swing :). So fun.

Oh, and don't forget Jake's 27th birthday. Pancakes and conference. It was a lovely morning.

Oh, and this is a pic I just found from when I was about 25 weeks. Can't believe I thought I was big then!! :)

Our most recent project was painting the babies room.

Chris did such an awesome job - it looks perfect. All set for the little guy to arrive!

We've been busy but having a great time out here in SLC. Keep you posted on when little junior arrives!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

11 Days and Counting.

We are 38 Weeks now. 11 Days til the grand arrival of the little guy. Had to write this down so it wasn't forgotten. The last few days I've had extrememly swollen hands and feet/ankles. Well, I don't acutally have ankles anymore so I shouldn't even call them that really.... ha. So that is the preface to this brief story. It has really been waring on me, obviously!:) But, to keep this short and sweet...Chris and I ate a Chinese Restaurant real close to our house the other night. We had been working in the house all day, just finished the baby's room, really tired, and hadn't eaten all day - so lets just say we were both completely worn out. Well, I agreed to go eat Chinese food... turns out they gave me fried rice (I don't really like fried rice) with my meal and then the chicken that came with my meal hardly had any flavor and just freaked me out. As a result, I completely fell apart and the tears just started rolling. Had a little episode right there in the restaurant, couldn't even help it. Poor Chris said, "babe, you don't need to cry"... LOL! I just covered my face b/c I didn't want the server to see me. Chris, you have really been such a trooper through all of this. Thanks for all you do for me and the baby already! I love you. 11 more days...we can make it. Right? Can't wait for you to be a daddy.
sincerely, cass

Saturday, September 25, 2010

You Asked For It

27 WEEKS & COUNTING! Here's some lovely pics of me and the little guy on a hike we took up Millcreek Canyon today. What a beatiful day. We won't have too many more like this before winter sets in so I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible. I didn't realize how large my stomach is looking until I got home and saw these pics. Haha. He is getting bigger everyday! The good news is that I made it to the top of the mountain and felt great. A bit of heavy breathing here and there but that was expected :). Good job little guy.

I'll get a legitimate belly shot with the shirt up soon. Forgot to get one today. Oh yes, and our official due date is now Dec 24th. So he is going to be a Christmas Eve Baby! December is going to be a wild month but we can't wait!

Greatest Show On Earth

Amy & Scott invited us to go to the circus with them this weekend. It was so much fun, and actually, I have always wanted to go. (Not sure if I ever went as a kid, if I did I can't quite remember it.) So here's some pictures of the crew we went with and some of the action we saw:

Isn't this why everyone goes to the circus, to see the tigers? It was really cool to see them all out there on their stools, listening to the instructor. Kind of feel bad for them, knowing how they should really be out in the wild doing their thing, but it's definitely intriguing to see them so close. There was one that kept trying to get off it's stool, which Chris and I thought was pretty funny. We thought we were going to have a mishap with that one, but luckily he kept his cool and nothing crazy happened. Really awesome to see them.

We could not believe the strenth and balance that these acrobats had. It was amazing.

Avery was a lucky girl and got some cotton candy and a cool yellow hat. She was so nice to share her cotton candy with us - love that stuff!

Cute little thing.

When I asked Avery what her favorite part was she said probably the motorcycles. It was amazing. They fit 7 motocycles in that small round ball and there were no accidents. I just wonder how many accidents they had practicing this stunt! It was awesome.

Me and the hubby.

We all had a great time! Thanks for inviting us Coombs family; it was everything we expected and more.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Kicks & Punches

I feel the baby moving a ton everyday now. It is so fun to wake up for work at 6am and feel the little guy start kicking and waking up with me (well, maybe he's already been awake I just didn't feel him). I love feeling him move around; wish I could actually see what he is doing in there. Makes me anxious for him to come out and play, even though I still have 3 more months. I am a bit over 27 weeks now and feeling great. No back pains, sleep great every night, no more nausea, the colder weather has decreased swelling in my feet and ankles (which was really bad for a while there - thanks for all the foot rubs Chris and Mom), so other than my acid refulx/heart burn I am doing great. Pop a few Tums and call it good. Can't wait to start working out, now that I feel so good I just want to run. Only problem is the extra weight/ being so out of shape makes it tough :). I'll post a pic of big mama soon! Doc says baby is looking perfectly heathly and we're right on track. That's make Chris and I very happy.


So, Chris and I met for lunch the other day. Before we both headed back to work I needed to put gas in my car, so we went to the 7-11 down the street from our house. You know, quick, convenient. So I start the pump in my car, meet Chris inside and of course, we buy a piece of candy and a drink. We kiss farewell and get in our cars to drive our seperate ways. Chris is about to pull out of the 7-11 parking lot when I start driving away as well when CLANK! I hear this huge metal thing hit the ground and start dragging. I immediately stop, and look out my side view mirror having no clue what's going on. Well, turns out I forgot I was getting gas before I went in the store and started driving away with the gas pump IN my tank! I couldn't believe it - totally ripped the thing right off of the gas "station" and broke it! The pump was still in my car and I was dragging the line with me. I thought I was going to see gas spilling everywhere (what do I know??). Lucky I never made it out of the parking lot, I backed up a bit and jumped out of my car and ran (haha, well i can't run right now, so I trotted) after Chris in his car yelling at Chris "chris wait" so he wouldn't pull out. But his windows were closed and he didn't hear me and drove off. Haha how EMBARRASSING. Everyone was laughing. The 7-11 worker saw what happened and came out and I told him "I am SO SORRY! Has anyone ever done anything this foolish?" and he said someone did it last week and 2 last month. Turns out there is a metal knob that disconnects when people do this sort of thing so the whole station isn't broken. Lucky for me! He said he will get maintenance out to fix it. I am so glad I didn't have to pay...selfish I know. But sheesh, that would have been a pricey mistake! Lets just say I feel like I have 1/2 the brain cells lately, and once this baby comes and I have no sleep I'm sure it will only get better! HAHA. couldn't resist sharing that story. :) Thanks for not judging me everyone.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


29 AUGUST 2010. What can we say other than, we made it!! It has been an awesome year filled with love and adventure. Just one short year ago Chris and I got married in the San Diego Temple, moved to an apartment in La Jolla, 2 months after that moved to SLC. Chris got a new job and became a licensed administrator, I became a licensed scrapbooker (well not really), got a baby cooking who is expected in December, and are now looking to purchase a home! That is a lot to happen in one short year. Wouldn't have wanted to share these times with anyone else. It is so fun to go through life experiencing everything with your best friend. I love it.

To celebrate our 1 year we ate at Cheesecake factory because really, what better place is there to eat. Funniest thing happened at dinnner... After we were done with our meal Chris and I payed and were getting up to leave. There was a cute couple next to us with an adorable little girl - probably 2 years old or so. I stood up and had to squeeze through both our tables to get out. I don't think the little girl was expecting me to have a tummy....haha, as I squeezed through she just stared at me and my stomach, and then gently poked my tummy as I passed. Chris and I, and her parents, were laughing so hard! I just love curious little kids - she made our night. After dinner we dragged our mattress into the livingroom and rented a redbox movie. Our mattress ended out staying in the livingroom for the next 5 days, it was so fun to have it in front of the TV and just lounge :). Since we're saving up for a home we decided to keep the anniversary low key, and it turned out perfect. It was a great weekend and night.
Chris is such a terrific husband and provider and makes me laugh everyday. It is so fun knowing that everything we do in life from here on out will be together. And I wouldn't want anyone else to be our babies dad! I like you a lot Chris :). Here's some photos of me, the husband, and the baby (at 23 weeks or so). One happy family.

We'll keep you posted on the house situation. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

good night

well, those are all the updates I have for now. I slept from 7pm to 10pm after work today because I was so that's why I am still up...blogging. way past my bedtime. time to get to sleep.


We've had Mike and Lou Ann's boat for the last few months and finally had a chance to take it out this past weekend. Friends, family, great weather, good food, clean water (although a little choppy) = a terrific time. Jessica and Charlie came with us which was really fun. This trip was kind of 'ode to charlie' because he was so adorable in his life vest and loved being on the boat.

Baby Quinn even got her first chance on the boat at 4 weeks
old and loved it. We didn't hear a peep out of her the whole
time. We'll get you a life vest that fits better next time, Quinn :).

We met up with Becky and Jason who had 2 Sea Dews (is that what they're called?) so I got my first ride on one. They're actually really fun, more than I expected...
Fun day. Charlie, sorry for getting you all wet!