Sunday, July 7, 2013

Life Now

We had a rough couple of months but made it through and these two are finally turning into pals. Luke is taking it a little easier on his baby sister and the hitting/abusing has finally subsided. It's really so sweet to witness Colbie following Luke around always wanting to do what he's doing or Luke saying things like - "Colbie will you come play with me?" It makes having kids so close in age almost worth it ;). Love their ages right now (Luke 2.5 years, Colbie 11 months). Colbie started walking right at 11 months so I think that has helped Luke to view her as a playmate. I love it.

They spend LOTS of time at this car table.  Great investment.

 Little buddies.
 Love how they can play together now. It really is so fun.
 Way to go baby girl! So proud of your walking!

4th of July just passed. We had a fun time hanging out with Alli & Derek all day then doing fireworks in the church parking lot that night. Long night for Lukey but he loved it. 
(bright flash - boys couldn't keep their eyes open :)

Blessed to have this amazing little family.


Of course life got hectic and I had this post pending for the last 2 months. So I'll go ahead and document Colbie's 9mo stats:

HEIGHT: 27.5 in (50%ile)
WEIGHT: 19.6 lb (60%ile)
HEAD CIRC: 17.3 in (45%ile)

Can't even remember what she was doing at 9 months now because I never wrote it down, so I really wish I had taken the time now.  A few pictures will have to do.
I forgot she looked like a pirate at this age. A happy pirate at least!!