Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Luke was 2 months old yesterday and had his 2 month doc visit today. Glad to report that all is going great! He weighed in at 13lbs 12oz (much less than we expected) and 23 3/4 inches tall. For those of you who are concerned about his head size (ie: Nicole... haha) he's at 41cm circumference. He is in the 75th percentile all around and doc says his lungs are perfectly clear and heart is strong. After working with children with disabilities for as long as I did, it makes me really appreciate all the small benchmarks (social and physical) Luke has been hitting - tracking objects, smiling (social smiles for mommy, daddy and friends), cooing (which is so cute), holding his head up, paying good attention to sounds, etc. We love Luke so much. So glad he is healthy and happy. Here's a quick video for your viewing pleasure :).

Monday, February 14, 2011


There's a first time for everything. Here are a few of Luke's firsts:

1st Time To Church.
Slept through all of sacrament - obviously he really enjoyed it ;).
he looked like a toddler in his church outfit, not a newborn. lol.

1st Birthday Party.
For Charlie Wilde. Luke couldn't go on any rides yet but nonetheless had a great time having so many people hold him and love him.

1st Baby Sitter.
For Mommy's 30th birthday! Uncle Steve and Aunt Britt took great care of him. I was sad to leave him and wanted to hurry through dinner (Cheesecake Factory - yet again. I know, I just love that place), but it turned out to be a perfect evening. 2 bottles of formula and an arm to steep on, he was good to go. Uncle Steve has the magic touch! (please note that Britt was sick this day so couldn't hold Lukey - but she's a great babysitter too :)) Thanks so much you guys.
love this picture. quinn's like, excuse me dad....
as a side note - I really had a perfect birthday to welcome me to my 30's. Chris made me breakfast in bed, got me the perfect gift (video camera) and took great care of me. Jake and Alli also took me to lunch for my birthday that afternoon. So fun to have them living close. It was not a first for baby luke to fall asleep on uncle Jake - all warm and cozy on his big hot hands. lol.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Say Cheese"

Luke's first legitimate photo shoot. Compliments of our new neighbor Heather (HDG Photography)! I learned my lesson the hard way on this - if you're going to take baby pics do it the first week or two while they're still sleeping a lot. We took these at 4.5 weeks and Luke did not like it!! But turns out we got some good shots so I was happy. Priceless memories. What a little stud muffin we have.

And here are a few shots that me and Amy took one day. As a side note - if you are loving the hats and diaper cover that Luke is wearing in these pictures visit Amy's website (Loopty Loo Designs) at

by this time he had had it :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Perfect Christmas

To back track a bit - my whole family stayed with us as Christmastime and Chris's family were all in town staying with Amy. It was so much fun having everyone. Having Luke born and everyone there to celebrate with us was the greatest gift we could have asked for. Our families bring us so much happiness - we're so glad everyone got to be here and meet the newest edition to our family!

Here are some random pictures of the fun.

First of all - we got to talk to Sister Rathgeber (Julie) on Christmas day. She got transferred to Billings, Montana so she will be there until about April. She sounds like she is doing terrific over there and just became a trainer. It was so fun to talk to her and hear her laugh. I miss her. This is us talking to Julie on the phone.

Basically this Christmas consisted of a lot of hanging out, eating (cafe rio), watching Luke sleep, playing with Tucker (who started standing in his crib on this trip) - so fun to have him around!, Sequence (of course), and lots of laughing.

This video should give you an idea of how Luke spent his first 2 weeks on this earth. Lots of sleeping and hardly any crying :). My how things change! haha

The rest are pictures from Christmas morning, Thompson's coming over to visit, and us hanging out.