Thursday, June 30, 2011


Luke turned 6 months old a week ago (and seems very interested everything we eat) so we figured it's time to get him started on some the real food for him. He did awesome eating rice cereal for the first time tonight! Hardly spit any out and kept trying to grab for the spoon and bowl for more. Seriously love this kid. Good job Luke!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Love Summer.

Spring/Summer - they have finally arrived. For good. No more snow! I love all the flowers that have bloomed in our yard.

and I love when Daddy and Luke BBQ outside together!

Life is good.

Monday, June 13, 2011

5 1/2 Months

It's been forever since I've blogged. I figure I had better take a minute to write down what Luke's been up to so I have something to refer back to when he gets older. B/c we all know that I have the Rathgeber memory. (Here's hoping that Luke gets his from the Thompson side).

So, we've made it 5 1/2 months and Luke is a pure joy to be around. He is more fun everyday. We know without a doubt that he knows Mommy and Daddy now b/c once in a while he will cry when "strangers" hold him and he is tired. (Sorry about that Uncle Scott...he'll come around.)


EATING - mommy's milk still. Haven't introduced any rice cereal or solid's yet. I'll prob start doing that next week. Even though he wants it I won't give him any Diet Pepsi, quite yet....

WEIGHT: We don't have another doc appt for 2 weeks but I'm sure he must be pushing 18-19lbs. I will keep you posted on that. Happy, healthy baby :)

SLEEPING: He no longer sleeps in his "Rock n Play Sleeper." He is a big boy now and has graduated to sleeping in his crib, in his own room, on his tummy (when he turned 5 months I knew it was time!!). I never thought I would want him to leave our room, but now that he's sleeping in his own crib it is very nice. He sleeps about 8-11 hours a night (I know, he's a dream) and it usually only takes him about 15 min to cry himself to sleep. (Occasionally he screams for 40 min and then mom or dad will feel bad and go get him. Yes, he has us trained well... I know this....)

PLAYING: He just recently (this past week) started grabbing everything in sight. It is now a pain to take him to a restaurant b/c he grabs everything on the table, and your food, and your drink, etc etc. He is getting great at grabbing toys as you hand them to him. He plays in his Exersaucer now (which is lovely for mom & dad b/c he will stay in it 20-30 min at a time and be thoroughly entertained). He loves being around other little kids and loves his cousin Avery. She can always get him to laugh.

He's also getting better at sitting up. He can sit on his own now but still topples over to the side. The Bumbo seat has been good b/c we can sit him in that and put him wherever we are (ie: the dinner table) and he is happy and content to be hanging out with us. So yea, no crawling yet that is for sure, but the sitting is getting better. He can also roll front-to-back and back-to-front. He does not like laying on his back anymore.
In the morning when he wakes up Luke now watches a Baby Einstein video (Nursery Rhymes) for 20 min or so and he seems to love it. Fun for him, and reminds me of songs I can sing to him.

TEMPERAMENT: I think a bit of his temper is starting to shine through b/c now when he doesn't want to be in his car-seat, or he is done playing on the floor by himself, or he wants out of his crib, he starts doing this loud whine, and then it turns into a really high pitch scream. He will keep at it for 15 min at a time, too. When you're in a public place it really is a very effective tactic b/c obviously we're going to pick him up so he doesn't bother everyone else around. So yeah, for the most part Luke is still Mr. Mellow, but he definitely likes to be around people more now and certainly knows how to let us know when he's done playing by himself. As soon as we pick him up, screaming stops. Haha...little stinker.

The fun part now is that he isn't quite as tough of a crowd as he used to be. Now he will smile if you do something silly, and laugh a lot more easily. Well, giggle, I should say. He still doesn't give too many belly laughs, but he's starting to giggle more so that is really fun. He loves when his dad gives him a beat and dances with him, that always gets a smile. He loves his daddy.

TALKING: He really is quite a chatter box at times. When he is happy and content he will just be playing and chatting away to his toys. I need to get this on film. When he is sad, crying in his crib (or screaming, I should say), as soon as I pick him up he will start smiling, laughing and chatting. It kind of makes me mad at him but then it's so cute and just have to laugh.

Now that Luke is getting a little older it is so fun to observe him doing new things each day. It's even more fun to see Chris with him and to see what a great dad he is. Since Father's day is on Sunday, thought I'd give you an early shout out to let you know how much we love you, Chris. You are the best dad and husband we could have ever asked for. Thanks for being so loving, and so much fun!