Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trip to Paradise

Because my husband is so loving (and I'm sure will use this trip as leverage later) he allowed me to take a week vacation with my parents to go and visit the pregnant sister in Hawaii. It was such an amazing trip depsite the minor set-back in Portland and the unruly weather. Becky and Doug seem really happy and excited to get ready for the baby in a few months. It was really sad to leave because that means we all won't see each other for a while, but it was such a great trip to see Becky and spend some quality time. Despite what the pictures may show, it rained 75% of the time! But we did get a few good days of sun and got some work done in the house; so all in all, a very fun, productive trip. Thanks for having us Becky and Doug. We love you guys!

Trip begins at 5:50pm - Me, Mom and Dad on our way to Honolulu from Portland and the plane breaks 20 minutes into the flight. We turn around and return to the Portland airport. After waiting 4 hours they tell us the flight is cancelled until the next day at noon, so we get a hotel (it is 2am by that time), get some shut eye, and return to the airport the following morning. It cut a day off of our trip which we weren't happy about but at least we made it to Hawaii safe and sound.

Here's dad taking a quick nap in the airport.
He couldn't resist the comfy bench he found :).
Me and Mom played cards instead.

Arriving into HNL airport we remembered
why the wait at PDX was totally worth it! See
picture below.

This was the perfectly sunny Saturday we got.
It was picture perfect! This pic is on Dad's
camera phone so it was kind of dark.

Becky don't be mad at me for posting this,
I just had to. You're so cute with that tummy!

Family shots.

This was an entire rainbow out in the water.
Rare that you see the entire thing start to finish.
Just beautiful.

This is me missing Chris.

Dad was happy, surf and sunshine.
This dog was on a walk with his owner. This is
the branch he found to carry with him. Haha.
It was really hysterical. He was struggling to
carry it; think he found the biggest stick on
the beach!
We visited the Dole plantation on our way home
one day. It was my first time ever stopping in
there. Pretty fun, and Dole Whips - ah, delicious.
This one makes me laugh!
This is how they grow, for anyone who didn't
know. Pretty cool.

It was a perfect trip, other than the fact that Chris wasn't there with me. Things aren't the same with out him. Nor are they as fun! So hopefully we can visit Hawaii together sometime soon.
Mom dad becky doug, miss you guys. Thanks for a great week!