Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Slide

Luke's new favorite toy. Yep, still sitting in the middle of the livingroom. Thank you KSL, and Little Tykes for this great slide. Hours of fun ahead of us I'm sure.
obsessed with balls the last few weeks. any type of ball. and loves rolling them down the slide now.
and a signature move he's been busting out lately. not quite sure what it is...
clapping for himself
and his "hip hip, hooray" with the arm up :). we just started doing this lately when he does a good job with something and he loves it.
and yet another move he's been pulling. climbing on everything, and laying horizontal from couch to coffee table. and anything else he can reach.
as you can see he's getting pretty comfortable with aunt alli these days. really letting his true colors shine. but she gives it right back to him luckily!

Such a fun boy!! Can't wait for spring (which officially starts tomorrow) so Dad can take him outside and do some boy bonding activities :). Will be great and Luke will love it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How can you resist this cuteness...