Thursday, March 31, 2011


So this is pretty much where we are at on our tummy time situation :). This was 2 weeks ago, I think. Luke shows no signs of wanting to roll over at this point. I helped him roll one time so he could get the feel of it and he cried hysterically. Sad!! Happy to report that he can shimmy forward because he is getting better at bringing his knees up under his body but his arms are the problem now...considering he mostly has them laying down by his sides. Haha!! He'll get it soon enough. For now, I am just grateful that he stays in one place!!


All bundled up to go jogging with dad. They went running around 7:00 and by the time they got back it was dark and snowing. Luckily Luke didn't seem to mind and was happy as can be!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Luke turned 3 months old yesterday on March 22nd. Yeah!! Here is a list of some of the things he can do now:

-Smile for mommy and daddy all the time!
-Giggled for the first time 2 days ago! (yet to hear it again though)
-Talk up a storm (especially when he is tired or wants to be picked up). Is he going to be a
chatterbox like his mommy?
-Almost hold his head up all by himself - getting stronger everyday.
-Drool all over every outfit so mommy has to change it 4x a day. (I just smartened up and started putting a bib on him today. lol!)
-He's starting to grab toys - yea!
-Will look at himself in the mirror
-He will stare at me while Chris is holding him on the couch. Literally, a stare down. Haha. Chris always says, 'there's other people in this world other than your mommy you know". LOL!
-He watches everything that his cousins and friends do when they are playing near him. Soon he'll be copying everything they do!
-He eats and sucks on his hands all day long.
-Sleeps 10 hours every night.
-Doesn't cry when we put him to bed at night or for naps. He just plays for a minute and then goes to sleep. What a good boy.

We are so excited with all the new things he is doing. It's so fun watching him everyday. He is the greatest baby!

Here's a few other things he likes to do:

Snuggle with dad. This is his favorite way to sit. Although he'll only really do it with Chris.

Play with cousin Quinn in her bouncer :)

And read books with mommy. I love that he is so interested in books already!

Oh, and might I mention one thing he does not do anymore is take a bottle!!! Formula or breastmilk. Oh boy, we're going to have to figure something out asap!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Luke's Blessing

5 March, 2011. Luke got blessed by his dad this past Sunday. It was a beautiful blessing that Chris gave him. Couldn't be more proud to have Chris as my husband and as Luke's daddy. Chris (and everyone else in the circle) said that Luke had his eyes wide open and was smiling during the entire thing. How can you not love that boy!?! Thanks so much to everyone who came and showed support to Luke on his special day. We love you all so much! Baby Luke, we love you so much too and will love you forever.
Wish I would have got a picture of Luke all by himself in his blessing outfit. It was pretty funny. Maybe I'll put it back on him another time and get a shot.
Thanks for all your help, Lou Ann. You are the perfect party planner!
and thanks for coming up to represent the Rathgeber's, Alli. I love you!
loved the flowers we bought - aren't they awesome...

Sandy, you're a natural.
3 generations.

All tuckered out after a long, but perfect, day.


Thanks for coming over to play with me cousin Quinn. You're my best friend.

haha, this one makes me laugh. Quinn does not like laying on her back.

Tummy Time

Here are a few shots of tummy time today. Please pay special attention to how strong baby Luke is getting. But just as importantly, please notice the fabulous hair-do he has going on!! Keep up the good work little boy!
(side view)
(plenty of drool these days)
(aerial view of the hair. do we trim it or let the mullet continue?? that is the question!)