Saturday, October 27, 2012

Video Recap

I'm so happy because I had about 40 videos stored on my phone and JUST figured out how to transfer them from my phone to my computer!! So I had to upload 2 of my favorites from when Luke was little!! :)

And this is one from when Colbie was first born.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Colbie Lou (birth pics cont.)

Here are the rest of the pictures from when Colbie was born (it's a ton so get ready). I already love looking back and seeing these pictures. It's crazy, and sad, how fast these little ones grow up!
 Quinn & Luke came to visit

 Luke grabbed Colbie's binky and wanted to lay in her bed and watch some TV. Was pretty funny!
 Can't believe you did this without an epidural. 5 TIMES! You are amazing mom!
Colbie did this blowout right on Aunt Nicole. To get her ready for when Preston arrived.
 Love these pictures
 oh, she was so tiny...
Lots of people stopped over and brought us food, gifts, etc. We really appreciated everyone's thoughtfulness. One friend brought over candy apples for all of us. Luke enjoyed it, obviously.
 Katie, Jimmy & Addie also came to visit us on their way to Nebraska! So fun to see them. They are having another baby (BOY!) in February. How exciting.
Nana, I don't know what we would have done without you here. Thanks for coming to help us because I know it was exhausting for you!!! You're the best!
We had to start thinking of some other ways to entertain Luke to keep him away from baby sister. ROCKS! What a brilliant idea...
 Luke likes to watch, and help, me change Colbie. Here's the changing table/situation.
 Luke starting liking the movie UP and Toy Story while Nana was here. Pretty cute. His favorites now are Russell (from UP) and Buzz (from Toy story)
 And Nana found us this great kitchen set at a garage sale one morning for 15$. And cleaned it for us. It's perfect!
Colbie's first bath
So lucky to have such wonderful, perfect children.