Friday, April 25, 2014

Luke turns 3!

Luke turned 3 on Dec 22.  We are so lucky to have him in our family because he continues to be such a sweet and caring boy.  And so happy and fun.  He and Colbie definitely have their daily quarrels, but Luke loves to have her around him all the time, and she adores him.  Luke still calls her "Tolbie" and it is so adorable.  I'll be sad when he actually learns how to call her the correct name.  He loves to be around mom and dad, all the time! And never stops talking.  Can be very exhausting :) but I know one day he won't want us around so I try to always remind myself that we are so lucky for how loving he is right now.  He still loves to drink milk.  Loves to wrestle with dad, loves to play in the playroom and play outside in the snow, and especially loves to play with playdoh.  Mainly he likes to do anything that involves people - Colbie, mom and dad, cousins, friends.  He is still sort of shy with kids he doesn't know, but nonetheless loves to be around them.  He hasn't started pre-school (won't start until next fall) so a lot of his friends are busier now because they have already started.  I think he will love being in school next year, especially for the social aspect of it. He is the cutest and happiest boy.  He blesses our lives in so many ways.  Colbie adores luke beyond belief.

 It was fun celebrating his birthday. Did a little bit at home and then had a party for him at Jungle Gym's Playland with a few friends and cousins.  Everyone had a great time.

Team Umizoomi was one of his favorite shows at this time.  He got an "Umi Car" for his birthday, he loved this gift a lot.

They were all smiling when this rollercoaster started but no one knew it was going to go like 50mph! All the kids were crying.  Even Colbie was on it with only Lucy and Avery holding her! Thought this place was for kids!! All the parents were laughing but freaking out.  We had to ask the guy to stop it to get our kids off.  Max's face is priceless!

We Love You so much Lukey!

Family Pictures - Dec 2013

Had a winter family photo shoot taken.  By Kara Simmons.  Was absolutely freezing cold (like 25 degrees cold) but nonetheless, glad we did it.  Brought a can of whip cream to keep the kids smiling!

The kids had completely had it by the end.  Crying hysterically and totally freezing!  But we survived! Love this family.