Thursday, September 27, 2012

Zeke & Erin

It was a busy month. We were really lucky to see lots of family! Erin & Zeke were on their way to Green Bay (Wisconsin) to help a friend out who just had a baby - so they stayed with us for 3 days or so on their way. Zeke and Luke had a grand ol' time playing with each other. Their temperaments are pretty similar, and the naughty things they do are similar as well, so it was pretty funny. For example: throwing every toy up in the air, throwing every toy down the stairs - and over the gate, hitting, ignoring mamas, and dancing - which is not naughty, obviously. Was fun to be around Zeke because he's a little spunkier than I had realized. So funny! They are some pretty cute little boys.
 Zeke would always find the necklaces in the toy drawers and put them on. Was really cute.
Lots of dancing
 Luke was a little hesitant with the hugs at first, but after a day he warmed right up as you can see!
Remember the otters I mentioned in my previous post, well Zeke and Luke enjoyed watching one swim around in the hot tub as well.
We all went to the aquarium again, because it is always such a hit. The boys loved it. And looked very cute in their matching shirts.
 Love these pictures that Erin took
and love this one too :)
 Erin is due with baby boy #2 on Dec 30th and you would never even know it. She looks so terrific! How do you do it Erin?
Luke's cousins Avery, Lucy & Nora joined us at the aquarium as well. (Nora is only 9 mo old and is in the stroller - this is Lucy and Avery in the picture.) Fun to hang out with both sides of cousins at once!
By the end of the trip they really warmed up to each other. Haha! They are going to be mad at us one day for these pictures...
This one seems a little sketchy :)

We miss you Zeke and Erin! Thanks for coming to play!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

August 2012 DeMartini Visit (Cont)

Here are some more pics from when the DeMartini's (minus Doug) came to visit us in August. It was such a fun time and we miss them so much. It was exhausting because Luke & Tucker both had to learn how to share, and there was plenty of crying between the two toddlers and 2 newborns, but so great to hang out and get to know each other's kids better! And baby Dave, we love you! Cutest little red-head ever!!!!!!!!! Pictures are in no particular order because I didn't want to take the time to organize them.
matching blankies
 Beck you are such a terrific mom. And I'm not just saying that...really mean it.
 And Alli, you really are the best aunt a kid could ask for. Thanks for taking such great care of our kids, they love you and Derek so much!
had to add this picture with the trains too b/c it is so cute. Tucker loved playing with uncle derek!
 Colbie & Dave - 5 weeks apart
This is where Colbie spent most of her time
 Love the matching shirts Beck
 Tuck taught Luke how to push cars around
 and line them up
 love how she is staring at you, Alli
 Went to the aquarium and bought these otters from the gift store afterwards (that are about 5cm long and battery operated). Used them in the bath and hot tub. They are awesome. Tucker loved it and Luke was very afraid!! So funny...
Here are the otters swimming in the hot tub with them:

And in the bathtub. Luke was so afraid. Everyone was over that night and came into the bathroom to see, it was so funny.

 Colbie worked on her double chin quite a bit while they were here
 and her arm rolls
 This is how Becky would wrap Baby Dave up, so that his pacifier would stay in. Sooo funny. Poor kid, it was like 90 degrees while they were here! Haha. But he never complained, just loved his mommy taking care of him!
Lots of jumping
and bubbles
Luke got kind of bossy with Aunt Becky towards the end. haha. Sorry about that Beck!
There he goes again...
 Love this picture. You're beautiful Becky.
 Love this little boy. So glad we got to spend some time with you Davey.

So glad you came to visit. We love you Tucker and Dave! Hope to see you (in HAWAII!) real soon!