Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tired Boy

   First time Luke fell asleep in his high chair. 
    Transferred right onto dad for a little nap. 
    Cute, tired boy.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Kahala Resort

As a "thank you" to their administrators, and to get a few budget meetings in as well (poolside, in flip flops of course), Chris's company took the administrators (Chris & Eddie) and their wives (Me & Jennie) to Hawaii at the beginning of December. There were 8 of us total because Mike and Brian brought their wives as well - Megan and Charity. It was an awesome trip and we feel really lucky to be part of such an amazing company (Eduro Healthcare). We stayed on Oahu, the south shore, a place called the Kahala Resort. It was totally beautiful. Dolphin's swimming around under our balcony, right on the beach, and the best breakfast EVER! :) The important things, right... Anyway, kids/babies were not invited, so Chris's mom Lou Ann flew out and watched Luke for 6 days while we were gone. She is the most loving Mimi so we knew Luke was in great hands and didn't have to worry. (Lou Ann we love you so much. Thanks so much for being so eager and willing to help.) I certainly was missing Luke towards the end of the trip, but it was really nice to have an awesome getaway with just Chris and I. Thanks Eduro for taking such great care of us. We had an amazing time hanging out with you guys! And glad to report Luke didn't even seem to miss us! In fact, he cried and was fussy for the first 2 days when we got home! Kids...I tell ya. Here's some pics from the trip. It was definitely different for me to be on Oahu and not be on the North Shore the whole time, but it's good to broaden your horizons once in a while! Still got to eat Ted's Bakery pie plenty, so I was a happy camper :).
Went up to North Shore the 2nd day to watch the Triple Crown contest at Sunset.
 Got some shots of Dusty Payne for mom and dad. Even though you can just as easily see him in Surfer magainze. Still cool though.
 Did the Waimea Falls trail/hike after the contest. There's the lovely bunch, minus me and Megan.
bunch of whiteys compared to Tucker!
 On Sunday Chris and I drove up Kam Hwy, b/c Chris has never done that drive (crazy), and went to hang out with Tucker. And Becky and Doug, too. Then they came down later that night b/c Becky had a conference in town and we went out to dinner and hung out with her and Doug. Was really fun. 
 While I was running in the gym one day, there was a couple who got married right out in front of me in that little white gazebo. So I watched the ceremony while I ran. Pretty cool.
 There's the dolphins. Well, one anyway...
 We had practically perfect weather the entire time. We got so lucky.
 Chris strolling by the pool
 The others hanging on the beach
 People would pay to swim and play with the dolphins, and a few times a day the trainers would go out and feed them. Fun to watch.
 From our balcony
 I miss the beach
 Where we ate breakfast every morning. Does it get any more perfect?!

Was an awesome trip. And I'm ready to go back again!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


 Well, it's been a very busy few months over here and tonight I can't sleep for some reason, so I figured now is a good time to start catching up on the blog a bit! I will start with the most recent event, and that is that Luke turned 1 year old on Dec 22! YEAH! (Well, Christmas was more recent, but I'll get to that...) We had a little birthday party over at our house with some friends and family, and it was a fun time. Luke is the greatest Christmas gift we could have ever asked for and love him so much. 

Height - 29.5" (50%ile)
Weight - 22.9 lbs. We were certain he was a 25-pounder, but apparently not! (50%ile)
Has been walking comfortably for a few weeks now. Starting to get more daring and tries to run, then generally falls, and tries again. LOVES people and other kids most out of everything in this life! Social butterfly. Always smiling and waving at people anywhere we go. Loves Uncle Jake. Dogs. Balls. TV Remotes. Cell phones. Computers. Pretty much anything electronic or that has buttons. Loves to play chase (you run, he comes to find you. and gets really excited). Seems to love to be outside, can't wait for warmer weather. Did his first summer-sault the other day. Likes to dance (bends his knees and bops up and down). Eats pretty much everything - but loves to eat apples especially right now. Eats lots of hot dogs, rice, bean, corn, green beans, tofu, oranges, grapes (loves), berries, bananas, avacados. Drinks out of a straw sippy cup. Never took a bottle. Drinks milk (but we still put a bit of ovaltine in it every once in a while to get him to drink a lot). No allergies. Says - mama, dada, ball, woof woof, apple. And jabbers a whole lot if you give him a phone. (Don't know where he learned that from....) Is ticklish and laughs at "This Little Piggy." Loves Patty-Cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider. Loves climbing up and down the stairs. Gives kisses and loves to cuddle. Waves hi and bye bye. And starting to say Hi. Has had 4 haircuts and really needs a 5th! Has about 10-12 teeth and a bunch more coming in. He is a tough cookie. When he gets hurt, he hardly ever cries. He's such a loveable little boy! Luke, you make us happy every single day. We love you so much!

Here's a few pics from his bday party. In backwards order. (one day I'll figure out how to work this blogger.)
Got many gifts but especially loved this one!
 Love the clean up after the party.
Luke helping Dad and Uncle D put his car together
opening presents
 lots of bubbles
 love this picture of him enjoying himself
 balloons and bubbles were a hit
 the cute birthday boy
luke adores his cousin Avery
 aunt alli & uncle derek
 Luke and Daddy
 took him long time to get comfortable with his cupcake :) 
 We love you Luke. You are the best thing that ever happened to us! Can't believe you are already 1 and such a big, smart boy. We'll love you forever!!