Monday, June 18, 2012


Charlie and Quinn came over to play for a little while on Saturday. Luke had a blast, as he always does when he's with friends. They are pretty cute kids!! Wish I had gotten a picture of them playing in the pool. It's been so hot here lately and is going to be in the 90's again all this week. Summer is here...
Thanks for coming to play friends. Luke loves you!
Luke was looking like a football player to me this day. Ha.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mother's & Father's Day 2012

We had a terrific Mother's and Father's Day over here this year. As each day passes it's hard not to love being a parent more and more, especially to a little boy as fun and loving as Luke. It really is the greatest thing in the world to be a parent. Such a wonderful privilege we have been entrusted with and I feel so grateful. (Even though some days are still hard!) Chris and I are both so blessed to have such wonderful parents of our own as well. Thank you for always showing us so much love and for teaching by example. We owe our testimonies, and everything, to you. We love you Nani, Pop Pop, Mimi and Papa!!

Here are a few pictures from the Thompson home. Today was Father's Day and we had a great day. Easy going, but perfect. Ate a big breakfast together, went  to church, came home and Chris bbq'ed us some delicious steaks and mainly just hung out. Chris got to watch his golf tournament and the 3rd game of the NBA finals. Good day all around :). 

Luke genuinely adores his dad and I have officially been demoted to 2nd best. He is so lucky to have such a wonderful, loving man as his dad.
Love this picture how he's grabbing Chris's face!
Oh, and here's our new kitchen table as of yesterday. Thanks Amy & Scott! (They just sold their house and didn't have space for it so Chris and I have now been entrusted with the Vorhees kitchen table. We are thoroughly enjoying it already!) And thanks for the delicious dinner Christopher.

Mother's Day was perfect as well. Feel so lucky to be the mom of such a wonderful little boy and feel even luckier to have baby #2 coming soon.
33 weeks now. 7 to go!

Chris got me these beautiful flowers and this awesome waffle maker for mothers day. Lets just say we've already gotten plenty of good use out of it!!

We love you more every day, Luke. We are so lucky that we have you forever and get to be your parents! Thanks for being the most handsome, and sweetest boy around.
(had to put this pic up to remember this phase. he loves to hang like a monkey on everything)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Good Doggie

In a way Luke is kind of like the dog we always wanted. Whenever we're in the kitchen and he gets a snack or treat, I just put it on the mat and he sits right down and eats it! Haha!! In his defense, the mats are really cozy and cushy, but still, it's pretty funny! He loves sitting on those mats.
And here is the new towel robe Luke got. Love this thing - use it for the hot tub, bath, pool. So handy and so cute!!
Caught Luke putting on my hat the other day. Looked like a kid from The Newsie's. Pretty cute actually.

 And him climbing onto our bed, as always. Too short to get up still so he needs help. He sure tries though.