Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fact or Myth...

So, we had to test it out for ourselves. Chris and I went to Cafe Trio and ate the so called "labor inducing pizza" to see if we really would be headed to the hospital afterwards to have the little guy. Well, turns out he remains inside of me along with stinky garlic breath and a bad stomach ache. Lol! So, it is a myth but wish it could have been a fact the the pizza really works.

I've been hanging in there with the extrememly swollen ankles and feet (and hands) but the sciatic nerve pain that started a few days ago really is a lot to handle. Little man, we love you so much and just want to see your cute little face. Please come out and play this weekend :).

Love Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Catch Up

So, we haven't posted any pictures or updates in a while. Been pretty busy. I know everyone is super excited to know what we've been up to, and how my belly is looking, so here are few quick updates, not in any particular order.

First of all, here's me and the baby boy at 38 weeks. I know...getting big!! Little guy is due next Friday - Dec 24th. So we'll see when he decides to come out. We can't wait to meet him!

Second of all, we bought our FIRST HOME! Closed and moved in on Oct 26th and have been loving every minute of it! It is in Salt Lake City, Holladay area.

This is our first big snow storm in our house - loved it. Squeezed into a pair of snow pants and jacket and Chris and I played around in the backyard for a bit.

Sunday after the storm.

The family came and stayed with us around Thanksgiving time. So fun to have them visit. We went and saw Sister Rathgeber on Temple Square. Love and miss her.

haha, uncle chris and baby Tucker :). He's a natural.

We missed you Douglas

Grandpa on baby duty.

Boys putting together baby Thompson's swing :). So fun.

Oh, and don't forget Jake's 27th birthday. Pancakes and conference. It was a lovely morning.

Oh, and this is a pic I just found from when I was about 25 weeks. Can't believe I thought I was big then!! :)

Our most recent project was painting the babies room.

Chris did such an awesome job - it looks perfect. All set for the little guy to arrive!

We've been busy but having a great time out here in SLC. Keep you posted on when little junior arrives!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

11 Days and Counting.

We are 38 Weeks now. 11 Days til the grand arrival of the little guy. Had to write this down so it wasn't forgotten. The last few days I've had extrememly swollen hands and feet/ankles. Well, I don't acutally have ankles anymore so I shouldn't even call them that really.... ha. So that is the preface to this brief story. It has really been waring on me, obviously!:) But, to keep this short and sweet...Chris and I ate a Chinese Restaurant real close to our house the other night. We had been working in the house all day, just finished the baby's room, really tired, and hadn't eaten all day - so lets just say we were both completely worn out. Well, I agreed to go eat Chinese food... turns out they gave me fried rice (I don't really like fried rice) with my meal and then the chicken that came with my meal hardly had any flavor and just freaked me out. As a result, I completely fell apart and the tears just started rolling. Had a little episode right there in the restaurant, couldn't even help it. Poor Chris said, "babe, you don't need to cry"... LOL! I just covered my face b/c I didn't want the server to see me. Chris, you have really been such a trooper through all of this. Thanks for all you do for me and the baby already! I love you. 11 more days...we can make it. Right? Can't wait for you to be a daddy.
sincerely, cass