Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Hair

Oh, and did I mention...we got Luke's hair cut. #6. Chris is sad about it, but don't worry honey, the beast will be back in another 2 months. I'm sure of it.


Handsome boy no matter what.


Caught Luke right after he did this the other day.
 He looks really sorry, don't you think??

 Then I caught him doing this. Lounging back flipping through the picture book of cousin Tucker and smiling. Tender moment.

14 Months. Time flies.

Luke is 14 months. There are a million things I want to remember about how he is right now so I am going to start by writing some down. 
Really happy boy and loves being around people. Everywhere we go people absolutely love him. He invades everyone's personal space and is always walking up to kids, babies, adults and just staring at them, or smiling, or talking. He is not shy and loves to make friends. But he is a Mama's boy and still cries hysterically when Chris and I try to leave him at the kids club at the gym. It makes no sense to me. He follows his mom everywhere. If I get to go to the bathroom alone that is a miracle. Actually, I pretty much never get to. And if I do get to go with the door closed there's always a little person on the other side screaming and banging to come in. Now I know how my mom felt.

He loves his dad. When he hears the garage door opening when Chris gets home from work he yells really loud "Da," "Da". He loves when dad throws him in the air, loves to listen and dance to music with dad, and loves to sit and listen to Chris play the guitar. Then Luke will strum the guitar himself too, all gentle. Sweetest thing. He loves to dance and really loves music, a lot.

He loves his Little Tykes toy car.  Gets in and out all day long. Loves balls - footballs, little balls, bouncy balls. Fun that he is starting to catch and throw now too. Loves electronics still - remotes, cell phones (he puts them up to his ear and chats away. Pretty cute), any button on a toy that makes a noise or creates a reaction. Loves to help mom with laundry (mostly unfolding it at this point). Opens and closes cupboards all day pulling things out and finding treasures and crumbs that I never knew were there. And eating them. Folds his arms when we say "time to say a prayer." But screams at night when we say prayers b/c he knows then it is time for bed. Smart boy. Don't want him to hate night night prayers though...

Love his cousins - Quinn, Avery, Lucy, and baby Nora. Loves his uncle Steve and Aunt Britt. Really fun living close to them so he gets to know them so well. And definitely loves his Aunt Alli because she comes to visit us all the time when she has assemblies up in SLC!

Says mama, up, ball, help (always whispers it though for some reason..."hep, hep" we hear all day) says "da" really loud - which is so cute. Loves saying apple, and says it really clear. Loves to eat apples too.

He's a particular eater. But when he is really hungry, he will eat almost everything. Still drinks out of his straw sippy cup. We've been practicing more with a regular cup and he really struggles, so I'm going to need to work on that more.

He has dry skin/exzema so we use Dove body wash and Cetaphil creme everyday and it has totally cleared it up. Silky soft skin now. Want to remember that for my other kids.

He is getting really smart and copies everything we do. Loves to feed himself yogurt with the spoon. And tries to use his fork for everything. He is pretty successful sometimes.

Everyday we see him saying new things and understanding more. Throwing things in the garbage, getting his socks, go find your drink, where's the ball? And in a book the other day he pointed on his own to the apple and said "apple." Of course he did that for Chris, and has never done it for me.

He's getting more adventurous and climbing all over things now. Figured out to pull the coffee table drawer open then climb up to the top of the table the other day, since it's too tall otherwise. It was pretty funny.
Caught him for the first time the other day throwing 3 pairs of socks in the toilet. And then playing in the toilet water. He likes playing in the toilet, when he can get to it, but this is the first time he has started throwing things in. Oh boy. Loves to stand in the fridge. And stand in the pantry closet and play with the canned foods. Loves pulling the toilet paper and shredding it like a little hampster. Loves snuggling on the floor on his soft blanket after a bath. And cuddles up on your shoulder and puts his arms down to his side, when he's tired. Melts your heart. Leans in and gives kisses for no reason sometimes. Especially to his  dad. Lucky guy.

He is the sweetest little boy. Definitely tough for mom at home with him sometimes because I can never have a second alone, but as soon as other people are around, he really knows how to turn on the charm. Which I must say, I do love. We had a ward activity the other night and I didn't even see him for about 2 hours. Luke just walked around table to table greeting everyone. They got quite a kick out of it.

He takes 2 naps. about 10:30 - 12 and then 3-5. That has been great.

We love everything about this boy. And I love to see him with his daddy. And love how different a mom and dad's roles are in a babies life. Realize how they are both so important for different reasons. Luke is so lucky to have Chris as his dad and for the great example he is. Luke is a lot like his dad. People just love him no matter where we go. Glad he got that trait from you Chris. Lucky to have such terrific boys in my life.
And not the greatest pic, but him after church in his new shoes and sweater!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Hair

 Specimen A
Specimen B

Luke turned 14 months old yesterday. This is the hair we're dealing with after 5 haircuts.

Christmas 2011 - San Francisco

This post has been sitting here for a few months now. Figured I'd better put it up and start getting caught up on things!

Christmas was awesome, and a little different for us this year. We ventured out to Antioch to stay at the Cadwallader's house (because their family was in Hawaii - poor things...) so we spent the holidays with Grandma Barbara and Gilgo! Mom, Dad, Me, Chris, Luke, Jake, Julie and Lane all got to spend some good quality time together. We all caravaned up there (about 11 hours) from Utah to meet Mom and Dad. And Luke did a great job on the ride, might I add. Thanks for the DVD player Amy :). 

Anyway - Becky, Doug and Tucker spent Christmas up at the DeMartini's in Nevada City so it was really fun we got to hang out with them two times. Doug's Dad flew them down on his private plane one day (fancy, I know...) so we picked them up and then all headed into San Francisco to spend the day there. And the day after Christmas we went up to the DeMartini's and hung out, and spent the night there. It was really nice of them to have us b/c they already had about 25 people there, before we got there. FUN FUN!!
 Golden Gate park.
 Checking out the waves
And some quality time walking down by Pier 49 and Fisherman's Wharf. Was really fun.
Ate at this yummy restaurant right on the pier. And Luke loved the calamari. 
It was delicious.

We had an awesome Christmas. Thanks for all the fun M&D. Wish we had gotten at least one picture of Christmas day, and our beautiful & delicious Christmas breakfast, and Luke opening presents, and Grandma and Gilgo....but maybe next year!