Tuesday, September 27, 2011

9 Months Old

{Fair warning, tons of pics in this post because I haven't put any up in a long while. I know I have a lot of catching up to do, still haven't even put up pics from our awesome trip to NY.}

Luke turned 9 months old on Sept. 22nd. He's officially getting to be a big boy. 21lbs 2.4oz. and 29" tall. Still in the 75%ile and doc says he looks terrific. Healthy and happy.

He eats lots of food now, just about anything you give him. But I'm pretty sure carrots and avacados might be his favorite. Still won't take a bottle of any sort, only nursing. But drinks well out of his sippy straw cup. He has 7 teeth, all came in within 1.5 months. And plenty more on the way it seems. He says mama, dada, and seems to try to copy lots of other words. I really think I heard him copy me and say, "thank you" the other day. No joke. He waves hello and bye-bye, loves to clap and without a doubt loves other kids & babies. If I had to describe Luke's personality I would say bubbly, happy and a total people person. He started pointing this week, crawls fast, pulls himself up on everything, walks while holding things, and lets go and free-stands once in a while. He really is a mama's boy. Cries at the gym so my work outs get cut short and I have to take him home. He loves peek-a-boo and all electronics (cell phones, computers, remotes) and yells if you take them away. Actually, he growls, really. He is starting to give daddy more positive reinforcement these days so that is great. Chris and I love this kid so much. Sometimes we give him a big squeeze or a bite or even a little spank, just because it's hard to hold all the love in!!! He's got so many rolls still so he is so squishy and squeezable, he's hard to resist. Cutest boy around. Here's some shots from the last month. Most recent first, I believe. Oh, and he had his 4th haircut 2 weeks ago.

 great shot of those lovely teeth
 classic Luke face. scrunchy nose.

 his latest move, hands behind the head

 he loves snuggling and playing on the couch. can't stand the cuteness.

    this is where he hangs out now when mom really needs to get something done. usually lasts about 15 min.   then the high pitch screaming begins and waterfall of tears.

 spends lots of time standing here as well

 ok, how much does he look like his cousin Quinn here... a lot! the boy version, of course.