Sunday, July 7, 2013

Life Now

We had a rough couple of months but made it through and these two are finally turning into pals. Luke is taking it a little easier on his baby sister and the hitting/abusing has finally subsided. It's really so sweet to witness Colbie following Luke around always wanting to do what he's doing or Luke saying things like - "Colbie will you come play with me?" It makes having kids so close in age almost worth it ;). Love their ages right now (Luke 2.5 years, Colbie 11 months). Colbie started walking right at 11 months so I think that has helped Luke to view her as a playmate. I love it.

They spend LOTS of time at this car table.  Great investment.

 Little buddies.
 Love how they can play together now. It really is so fun.
 Way to go baby girl! So proud of your walking!

4th of July just passed. We had a fun time hanging out with Alli & Derek all day then doing fireworks in the church parking lot that night. Long night for Lukey but he loved it. 
(bright flash - boys couldn't keep their eyes open :)

Blessed to have this amazing little family.


Of course life got hectic and I had this post pending for the last 2 months. So I'll go ahead and document Colbie's 9mo stats:

HEIGHT: 27.5 in (50%ile)
WEIGHT: 19.6 lb (60%ile)
HEAD CIRC: 17.3 in (45%ile)

Can't even remember what she was doing at 9 months now because I never wrote it down, so I really wish I had taken the time now.  A few pictures will have to do.
I forgot she looked like a pirate at this age. A happy pirate at least!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Colbie - 6 months

Our sweet baby girl just turned 6 months old and what a fun age it is!
6 Month Stats
Height - 26.5in (75%ile)
Weight - 17.4lbs (75%ile)
(as big as Colbie seems, I just checked back and saw that at 6 months Luke weighed 18lbs 15oz. Way bigger than baby girl!!)
Head Circ - 16.7in (50%ile)
I forget how much I love this age. It's the BEST! Colbie is such a happy baby, we are so lucky. Always content to chew on toys, smile and laugh at Luke, "talking" a bunch, doesn't cry unless she is really hungry or really tired, very focused and always learning. You can see it in her eyes. Love everything about it.
Plenty of rolls, if you haven't noticed. Just want to squeeze her!!!
She just started sitting well this week. She has been getting the hang of it since Christmas but now we can put her down and not worry too much about her falling straight back on her head. Better core muscles and control at this point it seems. Core muscles you say, yes, under all those rolls it does seem as if she has some! :) Shocking, I know.

  • She sleeps from 10-13 hours a night. Usually I will feed her 1x in the night/morning if she sleeps 13, but it has happened that she will sleep 13 straight without eating. 
  • Naps 2-3 times a day. Usually one longer nap and two short ones. Very flexible with her sleeping. I can generally wake her up when I would like so I can time her naps to be with Luke's. Even if it is only 45 min of rest for mama, every bit helps!!
  • Been feeding her baby food & rice cereal since 4 months. She has liked/accepted everything offered thus far and is good at keeping it down. Doc said she is ready to move onto real food (mashed potatoes, soups mashed up, etc). Colbie shows a big interest in our food, more than Luke did. 
  • Refuses to take a bottle. Although I did put some warm apple juice in one and she did accept that recently. So mom is strictly nursing this baby just like I did Luke.
  • She talks a lot "mamama" (first) now "dadadaa" mostly. So adorable!
  • No teeth yet but working on some I believe.
  • Such a happy, awesome personality. She has some spunk to her, but just enough! Very social and loves little kids, especially her brother.
  • Loves rough housing more than Luke did :). And love Itsy Bitsy Spider.
  • Has eczema like her brother. And lots of sores in her neck rolls because no air can get in there. Poor thing.
Spends lots of time in the exersaucer and LOVES jumping. Alli & Derek got her a jumper that you attach to a door frame and she gets some good air in it!
Does not feel stranger-danger, yet. Which is nice. 
And still sleeps in her little 'Rock n Play Sleeper' pseudo bed. Need to put her in her crib's time.
Scratches her face a lot if I don't keep her nails super short. Hard to keep up on it sometimes.

Could not imagine having a happier, more wonderful, baby. We love you Colbie!