Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jude's Victory Dance

Dance party after cousin Jude was born!!


Baby Jude has arrived!! He came last night at 6:04pm and weighed in at 7lbs 9oz. (19" long), so quite a bit smaller than his sister Quinn. He has this perfect head of thick sandy blonde hair. Pretty darn cute! He is the perfect little baby boy.

Britt seems like she is doing great and looks terrific as well. Chris and I got to watch Quinn the last 2 days while Steve and Britt have been in the hospital and Luke has had a blast with her.  Luckily Aunt Alli came up to help me both days, she is a lifesaver and the kids love her! Here's a few pics of the action, and of new baby Jude Michael Thompson.

The happy family. Steve, Brittny, Quinn & Jude.

Quinn & Luke (21 months and 15 months old)
These two are best of friends. It is the sweetest thing to watch how well they play together and share everything. (Well, Quinn is better than Luke, he's still working on it). 
Quinn calls him "Wook" and he calls her "Shhh". Haha, it's a start.
Chris's victory dance with the kids once Jude was born. They were loving it!

We love you Jude, and Quinn. 
Really glad we live so close so we can be a part of each other's lives!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cars & Garden

It's amazing the things you can do once the weather gets nicer. You can actually be outside and garden, wash you cars, go to the park, go on walks... so glad Spring is here.

The SLC Marathon was going on this weekend, and ran right by our house, so we started out our morning by strolling outside and watching the runners for a while. Then we took a long walk because all the roads were closed off. Much longer than we ever walk usually so it felt good; and Luke fell right asleep in the jogging stroller like a good boy. We then got back to the house and Luke and dad spent some quality time cleaning the car together.
 He had a grand ol time playing in the bucket of soapy water
 quick break to check out the birds
And thanks for the hat Rich & Erin. Came in quite handy and is adorable!
 It was so cute to watch Luke copying everything dad was doing
Can't forget to clean the rims!
Pretty funny, when Luke saw Chris with the tire brush Luke would take it and dip it in the bucket, then start brushing his hair! haha. And with the mit to clean the car, Luke would lift up his shirt and try to clean his belly. So hysterical.

 After our the boys car washing sesh we headed over to Home Depot and got some new flowers to plant. We weeded our completely overgrown garden and planted flowers for about 4 hours. And were both very sore  and sunburnt the next day!! Hard work but actually a lot of fun.
This is supposed to be a "before" picture, but you can't really tell how bad the weeds were from it.
planted a bunch of lily's, which I love, and these cool orange flowers
 And thought I should get a shot up of myself at 25 weeks. Getting large and in charge these days, but luckily still feeling well!
Here's our "after" picture. A lot more neat and tidy. We will still need to get a few more flowers but was a great start. Our first gardening adventure. 

Such a great weekend hanging out with our little family. 
Glad you're mine forever!


Luke has a few things in life he really loves right now. Birds, basketball, books, balls, blankets and balloons! Maybe it's anything starting with a "b", now that I realize it. Any toy you get him, he'll still love a simple balloon or a basketball the most! Hours of fun.
 lazy 'lay on the back' move
 and not sure what this move is all about
how can you not love this picture?
 little basketball hoop on our fridge. he plays with it all day and puts everything through it. or tries anyway.

Such a fun age Luke is at right now. 15 months. Saying new words everyday, understanding and communicating more, and so much fun to play with him! Love this little boy.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Haws Wedding in Arizona

Well, Becky and Erin have both posted about Julie's wedding already, and I'm so lazy I don't even want to, but it really was a great weekend, and everything was perfect, so I want post about it before I forget.

We all traveled to Mesa, Arizona and dad got a few hotel rooms for us so we all bunked there for a few nights. Was so fun having everyone together and just spending some good old quality time. Erin, Rich, Zeke, Aunt Barb and Liz came too so it was great having them with us. Was so fun to wake up in the morning and go have a delicious breakfast with all the people you care about! Hung out at the pool, ate a lot of bagels and string cheese (that Dad brought from NY), had Easter with the kids, and took lots of pictures. So fun seeing Luke, Tuck and Zeke play together. Makes me really sad they don't all live closer. One day....

So Julie and Lane got married in the Mesa LDS Temple, and had their reception in Lane's neighbors backyard. It was gorgeous, and the bride and groom looked perfect. Was a magical day, other than poor Luke getting really sick (possibly heat stroke, or the flu, not quite sure). We got to meet Lane's family and spend some time with them Friday night before the wedding and they are all awesome. We really love Lane, and especially love how happy Julie is with him. Couldn't have asked for a better brother in law to take care of the littlest sister!

Here's some pics from the wedding. Not going to put them all up now. Julie, you looked absolutely beautiful. And she wore Katie Psillos's dress. The same dress that Katie designed and wore, then Erin, then me, now Julie. And it's still just as beautiful. Thanks for letting us all borrow it Kate, we love you!
 The two pregos, due July and August. Very exciting!
The boys really did look so adorable, even though Luke was really struggling. 
Poor kid, we didn't know he was sick at the time. 
 Some daddy time.
Congrats Julie and welcome to the family Lane. We love you both!