Friday, April 25, 2014


We had a really wonderful Christmas this year and got to spend it in NY with Nana & Pop pop.

 Luke & Colbie helping Dad choose a tree

Colbie loved Santa. Always saying "ho ho ho."  When we would read her scripture story book she would always say "ho ho ho" when she saw a picture of Lehi.  Pretty funny. 

 None of the other siblings could make it for Christmas this year so we had the grandparents all to ourselves. The kids got spoiled with all the attention. And had a really great time.

 Colbie really loves Copper a lot
  And Daddy, of course

 Aunt Roberta and G.G. spent Christmas day with us and stayed for dinner.  Was really perfect.

 The adorable parents

 Love Copper in this picture.  Totally pooped from the festivities.

 Lots of really fun (and cold) hot tub sessions!

 All of the Psillos's were in town for Christmas as well so it was so fun to be with them.  

Did a lot of skeet shooting down at Unqua.
Luke & Colt took turns pulling the trigger for the skeet thrower.

 Cute Nani

We took a train ride into the city the day before New Years to explore.  Went with Jake, Jess & Eric and took the two boys - Luke & Colt.  They had a lot of fun and were troopers with the cold weather & walking.

All in all a really fun Christmas in NY. One to remember! Thanks for the great time mom & dad.

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